Writing and Research

20160430_104530Kristin and I both know that writing books takes a little research…or maybe a lot, depending on the story you’re writing.  And sometimes, that means more than looking up information on the internet or in books.

When Kristin  started writing about Marie Antoinette (or “M.A.”), she discovered that hair played an integral part in M.A.’s life. ;D

She had many styles and stylists. So Kristin and I decided to find out a little bit more about hair styles. There were a lot of illustrations and descriptions in books and online, but we wanted to know what steps the hairdressers had to follow to achieve those amazing styles. So we went to a beauty school to find out some of the things we didn’t know about hair and styles.

So, we sat our butts in the chair and let the hair stylists show us a few things about styling hair back in M.A.’s day.

20160430_105702 20160430_105710 20160430_111530 20160430_111542 20160430_111548 20160430_111550 20160430_114338 20160430_114350 20160430_115225 20160430_115242 20160430_121020 20160430_121024 20160430_121028 20160430_133306 20160430_133324_001 20160430_133335 20160430_133424 20160430_133435 A20160430_133634 20160430_133741 20160430_133758My hair style took three hours to perfect, which gave us something else to think about:  how did these hairdressers do the marvelous things they did without hairspray, bobby pins, clips, curling irons or any of the modern day conveniences stylists have today? That is a true mystery.


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